The role of clean water in big cities

With countries that are constantly developing economically and socially, the issues of people’s livelihood are gradually actively overcome and improved. But a problem is causing many shortcomings recently when summer comes; it is the pollution of water environment in the metro area. While the direction to address has not been articulated, this situation is causing difficulties for residents’ daily activities and affects the health of the population. There are many methods to filter the water, but the best method is to use reverse osmosis. If you want to learn about its pros and cons, then you can visit the following address to know more about what is reverse osmosis.

water pollution in cities

Water pollution in big cities

Most of the water sources are facing serious pollution. People are no strangers to the black water, stinky stench running along the boulevards of the city, the opposite image has existed for many years. Although municipal governments have made major investments with a range of solutions designed to improve pollution, improve drainage and drainage, water pollution. But only a few of the rivers have improved habitat. The remaining contamination is still severe.

Many households still use unprocessed water

In suburban districts and suburban districts, the outskirts of the city ensure clean water issues for the people, even more, when pipe networks can not cover 100% of households. The rest must use groundwater or buy water and small local water supply facilities, but the main source of water is still at high risk of contamination.

Using unprocessed water

There are many sources of water pollution

According to statistics, there are thousands of industrial and handicraft production establishments, most of them have no sewage system in many industries such as food, textile, dyeing, chemicals, wood processing. Also deliberately discharged directly into the water environment causing serious pollution.

Meanwhile, the waste from the daily activities of people increased, causing the level of pollution is getting worse, especially in canals, canals … A large amount of waste prevents the flow of water, causing pollution Water seriously. Moreover, underground water sources are also at high risk of being contaminated by garbage in a spontaneous landfill in the city.

The role of clean water

Role of clean water

The question is what is the need for clean water for human life? In the human body water accounts for 65-70% of weight, water is involved in the composition of cells, tissue.  It is a component of the blood to help blood circulate easily in the blood vessels, as a solvent to dissolve nutrients, oxygen, hormones, enzymes in the bloodstream and to transport organs to maintain Life, function, and development. At the same time, it collects CO2 to release lung and toxins from the liver and into the bile and urine.

Water also helps the body regulate body temperature because if human body temperature exceeds 42oC is fatal; Water makes the skin bright, cool in people who drink enough water about 2 – 3 liters of water/day depending on the season and condition. Water used in daily life for personal hygiene, home, food, clothes …

Travel Guide

What to look for in a camping tent?

Camping is a fun thing to do for many people, especially those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For this type of activity, a tent is an essential part of the whole thing. However, choosing a suitable one might not be that easy at all with thousands of brands and models currently on the market. Therefore, we have put together 5 key factors in assessing whether a certain tent is the one for you or not. Let’s have a look at them.


Perfect tent

By livability, I mean that this tent must suit all or most of your needs, you must be able to live comfortably in it. Depend on each person, the needs can range from reading, sleeping, napping, hanging out to windproof, rainproof, sun-proof or even bug-proof. That is because in my opinion a good camping tent must be more than just a simple shelter.

Next is the height of the ceiling. The height of your tent should be higher than that of the tallest person in the group. This will allow them to stand up with ease and to avoid back or neck pain from lots of crouching.

Another factor is ventilation. Without it, you would want to get out immediately when the sun is right above your head and greenhouse effect is in full swing. Choose something with big doors, windows, and lots of mesh to reduce the heat.

Weather resistance

weather resistance

Of course you would listen to the weather forecast in advance before choosing the camping date. However, there is a small chance of them being wrong as well. It’s better to be well-prepared rather than let your camping trip go to waste because of bad weather. By weather resistance, we mean that you should choose a tent that can survive any weather. It should be stable under strong wind or there should not be any leak under raining condition. You definitely don’t want this to turn into something unforgettable … in a bad way.


Upon arriving at the campsite, you just want to set up your tent easily and start having fun. Nevertheless, not everything will go your way and you may have to get through the heavy traffic and arrive at the campsite late and hungry. If you can’t manage to set up the tent then, you might have to resort to sleeping in your car, which is not comfortable at all.



In other word, this is durability or how long can your tent last. Some manufactures use cheaper materials or cut down the amount of high-quality material in order to decrease the price. This will make no big difference if you just go camping once in a while or you have a good grip of the weather. However, if you are a hardcore camper and know thoroughly where you will be camping, you must take this into consideration.

Packing size

Some tent makers know that you would bring the tent to the campsite in your car so they won’t pay much attention to making it more compact. Imagine loading an 80-pound tent onto the car and then trying to unload it at the camping site. That is way too much work for any person who wants to relax on their days off. Therefore, you will need to look for something that you can bring along with ease so as to conserve your strength for having fun later.

That was our tips on how to buy your ideal tent. If you like this article then you will love the following article even more. It is about the best camping tents for sale currently on the market right now. We hope that you will find what you are looking for.


Buying a brand new bed

Buying a brand new bed

Are you currently in the market for a new bed? If so then you have come to the right place. With a crazy amount of types, models, brands currently on the market, buying one spontaneously might be a bad idea. In this article, we will show you some tips you need to keep in mind when making this purchase. That way you won’t end up overpaying for a sub-par mattress. Here goes:

1/ The money

The money

This factor plays an important role in determining which bed you will get. It usually goes like this: the more you pay, the better you will get. That is right for most of the time except when you are scammed by the marketing strategies. Set up an appropriate budget aside and cross-reference it with the beds at your local store and you will know what suits you.

2/ Personal reference

You already spend a whole lot of time and money into buying this, so you might as well buy the one that fits all your personal taste. Take the time and write out all your likes and dislikes, e.g. color, size, shape, pattern, etc. This will make laying your back on it a much more pleasant experience than on a regular mattress.

Your favorite sleep position is important as well. Right now, there are beds on the market that are specially designed for stomach sleepers, side sleepers and back sleepers. And then there’s a bed that support all three which is more expensive, of course. If you have the “green”, don’t hesitate to go for the last one. If not, a bed perfect for your most common sleep position should suffice.

3/ Bed types

Bed types

There are three most popular bed types on the market. They are:

Spring coil: This is a conventional type of mattress. For those who are short on cash, this is the most suitable one.

Foam bed: A medium price one. This bed is perfect for people who are sensitive to pressure because you can switch position with ease.  However, it can get a bit stuffy lying on this bed

Air mattress: this type is filled with air and one can increase or decrease the firmness by letting air in or out. When it wears out, you simply need to replace the old bladders.

Take into account your budget, your reference, your sleeping habit and you will know what to choose.

4/ How many people

If this bed is for you and only you, there’s no need to read this section. If it is for you and your partner, he or she may have a different liking of firmness. Therefore, you may need to acquire a mattress that is adjustable on both sides, suited to each individual. Or you can buy two small mattresses and put them together. Another way to do it if you are short on cash is to buy a regular one and rotate it around twice a year.

5/ Test it personally

How many people

Ordering online may save you time and effort, but that is just on the surface. If you like what they deliver to you, there’s nothing to worry about. If not, lots of things will come up. For example, the mattress is not what it seems in the picture, paying extra to have it returned, cannot exchange for a different one, etc. Hence, do research online but buy it in person.

Those were my tips and things you need to keep in mind when buying your mattress. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to put them right below. For more articles like these, please visit our website, which is right here. Thank you for reading with us.


Baby dropping: Final stage of pregnancy.

Baby dropping

During the final stage of pregnancy, a women will experience a condition called “dropping”. That is when the baby is ready to make his (her) grand entrance to the world. This is it, the moment that every members of your family have been waiting for is finally here. But how to know when your baby has dropped and how to deal with it? Well take it easy, I’m here for you.

What is it? 

What is it

The “dropping” is one of the very first sign that you are ready for labor. It usually happen on the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby will drop from the normal position to the lower part of the uterus. The mother should realize this to prepare for labor soon.

Signs that show the baby has dropped:

Eat more

Belly looks smaller – The baby will change his (her) sleeping position from horizontal to lying straight with the head at the bottom.

Your breathing is easier – Since the baby has changed his (her) position so the ribs area will be free and you can breathe easier because there are more space for your lungs to work.

Eating better – when

the baby has dropped, the pressure on your stomach are lessen and you’ll be able to eat more.

Urinating more – In the third trimester, you’ll go to the bathroom more frequently, but even more when your baby has dropped. The baby dropping will increase pressure on your bladder, therefore make you feel like going to bathroom.

Backaches get worst – This will change the center of gravity inside your body, make your back suffer more pressure and cause backache.

Hard to close your legs – Since the baby is in such position, it is difficult for the mother to close her legs because the baby is stuck between them.

How to deal with?

First, when you see these sign, you should ask the doctor for advice. If he confirm that the baby is dropping, cancel everything that you are doing and just rest. Ask your partner to prepare everything for you. You should go to the hospital just in case the baby want to get out early. If he (she) doesn’t, don’t go home just stay at the hospital and listen to the doctor. Be patience, you will be parents in no time.


What is a massage pad for chair 

Have you been suffering from a pain and sore back, neck, or shoulder? And you need some relaxing massage after a day of work? You find that keep going to the massage salon is very expensive but you just couldn’t stop? A massage chair can provide you a full body massage but they can be very costly and not very mobility. Don’t worry, what you need is a massage pad or it can also call massage cushion. A massage pad for chair is an excellent replacement for a massage chair. They provide all the massage therapy of the massage chair. Plus, they are cheaper and more portable. But there is so many types of massage pads in the market. Most of you will find it hard to separate those massage pads and choosing yours. In this post, we are going to give you some basic knowledge about massage pad.

First is the massage techniques:

I’ll introduce some of the most common and loved massage technique on the massage pad so you can decide what work best for you.

The vibration massage is a pretty common style of massage. It appears on almost every massage pad. You may want to know how many different speed level it has. And how many sections that the massage pad is divided into. Because these factors make your massage pad more customizable.

Another massage technique is kneading technique. This type of massage use force to penetrate deep into the vital area to increase blood circulation. It has the most effect on bruise or muscle injury. Today massage pad also has a heating system that works very well with the kneading massage technique.

The most favorite massage technique should be the Shiatsu, a traditional Japanese style of massage. The masseuse uses their fingers and palms to penetrate your muscles and spine knots to ease muscles pain or tightness. The massage pad uses these principles to recreate the massage experience. Heat are also used to increase the massage result.

Air pressure and magnet are two new styles of massage. The air pressure massage uses air to working your muscles and ease the pain or tightness. The magnet massage is a very interesting way to massage. It uses a magnet to effect the ion in your blood in order to increase the blood circulation in your muscles. You should try it if you have a chance.

Here are some tips when buying and using a massage pad:

The first thing to consider is the size of the massage pad. It will be a waste of money to buy a massage pad if it couldn’t where you want it to. So pay attention to the size and design of the pad, make sure it is fit and comfortable. The vital areas of your back must be focus on the most. And you should choose those massage pad that includes shoulder and neck massage feature.

Choose a massage pad with a remote control and the auto shutdown function. It’ll be super convenient to have that, I guarantee.

When you buy it, remember to check the return policy, especially when you buy it online. If you don’t like it, you can return it. What will happen if you can’t return it, it will be a waste of money and you’ll have another junk in your house.

Some people claim that using massage pads make their back hurt. This can happen because your back is not familiar with the massage. In this case, the pain will go away after some time. But if the pain keeps happening, you should contact the manufacturer to get support.


Massage pad is an awesome invention. It’ll help you relief stress, muscles tightness, and spine problems. Remember to do some research before you buy it and read some customer feedback. See ya.