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Some Mistakes When Caring For Infants Sleep

pack and playPack and Play is a very good product to help your baby sleep with the parents of the baby will be more comfortable for your baby’s sleep. Besides, you can visit the following address for more choices for the best pack n play for your babies. In this article, I will help you to avoid some mistakes when you caring your baby sleep.

Infants need a bath every day

The truth is that babies are not bad by smelling sweat like adults, so you bathe the children every day is not necessary. Even if you bathe the children too often will make baby skin dryness and dehydration. How to shower once a day for the baby is the most ideal. However, if your baby has diarrhea too much or mom young bathing daily routines. You just need to remember to add a layer of moisturizing cream for children.

Children want to sleep well, turn out the lights and keep absolute silence

The truth is: While some babies prefer to sleep even only days, most babies can sleep in a sound condition and mild light. Moreover, do not try to make your baby sleep habits only once it has been switched off the light and quiet. Such children will be more difficult to fall asleep and can not comfortably asleep in any situation. When children sleep, you should turn on soothing music and let a little light from a small lamp would be better for the baby.

Listen to classical music helps increase a child’s IQ

child's IQThe truth is: The music can enrich a person’s life, music can make them feel happy and comfortable, the music can help calm a fussy baby, helping to lull the child to sleep … However, without any specific research confirms that a baby or listening to classical music can help brain development and intelligence has surpassed. Also, the mother should give the baby listen to music no more than four times a day, each time not exceeding 25 minutes. Listening to music too much also makes them less likely to focus on the mother’s voice, which can lead to slower than other kids say.

When a child cries, let your child cry, do not carry children

The truth is: Infants under four months old hardly knew very little self-soothe themselves. Babies often cry to attract attention and like to be hugged. Closing at the crying child makes baby feel the love of the mother, makes her feel safe and secure. That is the way to get children less fussy. On the other hand, many studies have now shown that children who have parents neglect the cry will have lower IQ scores of other children.


What is a massage pad for chair 

Have you been suffering from a pain and sore back, neck, or shoulder? And you need some relaxing massage after a day of work? You find that keep going to the massage salon is very expensive but you just couldn’t stop? A massage chair can provide you a full body massage but they can be very costly and not very mobility. Don’t worry, what you need is a massage pad or it can also call massage cushion. A massage pad for chair is an excellent replacement for a massage chair. They provide all the massage therapy of the massage chair. Plus, they are cheaper and more portable. But there is so many types of massage pads in the market. Most of you will find it hard to separate those massage pads and choosing yours. In this post, we are going to give you some basic knowledge about massage pad.

First is the massage techniques:

I’ll introduce some of the most common and loved massage technique on the massage pad so you can decide what work best for you.

The vibration massage is a pretty common style of massage. It appears on almost every massage pad. You may want to know how many different speed level it has. And how many sections that the massage pad is divided into. Because these factors make your massage pad more customizable.

Another massage technique is kneading technique. This type of massage use force to penetrate deep into the vital area to increase blood circulation. It has the most effect on bruise or muscle injury. Today massage pad also has a heating system that works very well with the kneading massage technique.

The most favorite massage technique should be the Shiatsu, a traditional Japanese style of massage. The masseuse uses their fingers and palms to penetrate your muscles and spine knots to ease muscles pain or tightness. The massage pad uses these principles to recreate the massage experience. Heat are also used to increase the massage result.

Air pressure and magnet are two new styles of massage. The air pressure massage uses air to working your muscles and ease the pain or tightness. The magnet massage is a very interesting way to massage. It uses a magnet to effect the ion in your blood in order to increase the blood circulation in your muscles. You should try it if you have a chance.

Here are some tips when buying and using a massage pad:

The first thing to consider is the size of the massage pad. It will be a waste of money to buy a massage pad if it couldn’t where you want it to. So pay attention to the size and design of the pad, make sure it is fit and comfortable. The vital areas of your back must be focus on the most. And you should choose those massage pad that includes shoulder and neck massage feature.

Choose a massage pad with a remote control and the auto shutdown function. It’ll be super convenient to have that, I guarantee.

When you buy it, remember to check the return policy, especially when you buy it online. If you don’t like it, you can return it. What will happen if you can’t return it, it will be a waste of money and you’ll have another junk in your house.

Some people claim that using massage pads make their back hurt. This can happen because your back is not familiar with the massage. In this case, the pain will go away after some time. But if the pain keeps happening, you should contact the manufacturer to get support.


Massage pad is an awesome invention. It’ll help you relief stress, muscles tightness, and spine problems. Remember to do some research before you buy it and read some customer feedback. See ya.

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What is a reverb pedal

reverb pedalIf you are a guitar player or a producer, you probably are used to working with all kind of musical devices. And one device must be on the list is the reverb pedal. Reverb is a very common sound effect that is used by most guitar players and producers. But many people still haven’t had a good understanding of it. This can lead to many problems in the future. In this post, I’m going to show you how reverbs work and what to do and don’t.

Technical explanation

TechnicalA reverberation, or reverb for short, is a sound effect that is created by sound reflecting off a surface. Depends on where the reverb is created, there are many types of reverb. Using a reverb pedal can give you the ability to recreate these sound effects and apply it to your music. For example, the hall reverb effect makes your music sound like you are playing in a hall, the church and room reverb also has similar effects. Depends on the environment, there are many different reverbs. Because of these benefits, people have started to use reverb pedal with their music.

How it works

The reverb pedal works like a transit station. It receives the sound signals from all sources (guitar, piano, or singing,…) and changes the sound signals so that when you hear them, they will have the reverb effects.

Reverb types

There are many types of reverb depend on their functions.

Hall reverb: Like mentioned before, this type of reverb recreate a concert hall environment. Your music will have a feeling of being played in a concert hall. Hall reverb is often warm and has depth.

Chamber: A chamber is usually smaller than a concert hall and the result is more clarity while still provide harmonic sound. Typical chamber reverb lasts from 0.4 to 1.2 second.

Room: Room reverbs often last from 0.2 to 1 second. The room reverb is varied base on its physical size and construction material.

Plate: The plate reverb implements a plate of metal vibration when being struck by a sound wave on the surface.

Spring: The spring reverb is a manmade device that produces and receive sound signals via a spring. This reverb is often used on a guitar amplifier. They are great for electric guitar and vocal.

And there are so much more but I can’t list them all here. But use can use multi-function reverb pedals to experience them all. One of those great devices is the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb. It has tons of different reverb effect for you to try.


We have provided you some of the basics of reverb pedal. Don’t hesitate when you see a reverb pedal that is good for you. You’ll be surprised by the benefits it brings.