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Best humidity meter for egg incubator

Speaking about incubating eggs, some of the most important that could decide the fate of the fertile eggs are temperature, humidity, and air circulation. Even with the best egg incubator, these factors could be very hard to control and adjust. For me, the most important and difficult to control is humidity since it often fluctuates due to the environment outside. And not just me but many people are having problems with control their incubator humidity. My advice, in this case, is to buy a good humidity meter so that you could always track the change of humidity inside. And in this post, I’m gonna show you how to choose a humidity meter for your incubator and how to do it in the best way possible. If you’re interested in other factors like temperature, air circulation or incubating process, find out more about top-rated chicken egg incubator at our website at https://thehomejudge.com/10-best-chicken-egg-incubator/. And now, let’s get to work and finding the best humidity meter for you.

Humidity meter
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The perfect humidity

Up until now, there still isn’t a standardized humidity for egg incubator since this process is so complex and there are so many factors could affect the result. The question is still being discussed between experts but until when the question is solved, most of them are agreed that the humidity should always stay from 25% to 60%. Too much or too little of that aren’t good for the egg either. And during the last three days, the humidity should be 70% to 80% to keep the egg temperature under control, since the eggs get hotter in these days. It’s really easy to provide humidity to your incubator, most of them have instruction about this on the cover. The thing is that you gonna need is a good and accurate humidity meter to determine the humidity inside. And you should balance the amount of water in the first 18 days and the last 3 days, the most common mistake is that people often provide too little humidity on the last days despite the rising of egg temperature.

Perfect humidity
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Factors to put in consideration when choosing a humidity meter

Digital meter

This type of meter is very common and most of us are used to using it since it is really easy to use. It often has LCD screen on it that shows all the needed information inside the incubator. This makes the device a very convenient choice for beginners. But some experts don’t like these type of meter since it is not accurate as analog one. The reason for the less accurate is that digital meter use battery to run and the resistor inside could cause the result to slightly change. But for me, I still prefer the digital meter since it is so easy to use and the result is still very precise.

Analog meter

The meter often has a hand watch shape that has different bars that show different measurements. They’re said to be more precise and durable than the digital ones and that is the reason why some experts really love them.

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Multi-function meter

One of the thing that I hate the most when dealing with egg incubation is that I’ve to use so many types of device for measurement. So I was really excited when I bought my new multi-function meter. It has a temperature meter, a humidity meter, a pressure meter, all in a small and compact device. And a really interesting feature that I’ve just find out is that it has a power alarm. So when the power is down or there is something wrong with my incubator, it’ll surely let me know. It is really useful, especially for people with chicks and birds to look after like me.


The one factor that you always need to take a look at is the price. It’s all up to you to choose bases on your budget. I personally think meters that is under $20 is all the same, so there is no way that I could spend more than $3 to get a basic humidity meter. But if your requirement is far higher, you might wanna consider those that is above $20.

Good luck finding yours. See you guys in my next post.

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