Buying a brand new bed

Buying a brand new bed

Are you currently in the market for a new bed? If so then you have come to the right place. With a crazy amount of types, models, brands currently on the market, buying one spontaneously might be a bad idea. In this article, we will show you some tips you need to keep in mind when making this purchase. That way you won’t end up overpaying for a sub-par mattress. Here goes:

1/ The money

The money

This factor plays an important role in determining which bed you will get. It usually goes like this: the more you pay, the better you will get. That is right for most of the time except when you are scammed by the marketing strategies. Set up an appropriate budget aside and cross-reference it with the beds at your local store and you will know what suits you.

2/ Personal reference

You already spend a whole lot of time and money into buying this, so you might as well buy the one that fits all your personal taste. Take the time and write out all your likes and dislikes, e.g. color, size, shape, pattern, etc. This will make laying your back on it a much more pleasant experience than on a regular mattress.

Your favorite sleep position is important as well. Right now, there are beds on the market that are specially designed for stomach sleepers, side sleepers and back sleepers. And then there’s a bed that support all three which is more expensive, of course. If you have the “green”, don’t hesitate to go for the last one. If not, a bed perfect for your most common sleep position should suffice.

3/ Bed types

Bed types

There are three most popular bed types on the market. They are:

Spring coil: This is a conventional type of mattress. For those who are short on cash, this is the most suitable one.

Foam bed: A medium price one. This bed is perfect for people who are sensitive to pressure because you can switch position with ease.  However, it can get a bit stuffy lying on this bed

Air mattress: this type is filled with air and one can increase or decrease the firmness by letting air in or out. When it wears out, you simply need to replace the old bladders.

Take into account your budget, your reference, your sleeping habit and you will know what to choose.

4/ How many people

If this bed is for you and only you, there’s no need to read this section. If it is for you and your partner, he or she may have a different liking of firmness. Therefore, you may need to acquire a mattress that is adjustable on both sides, suited to each individual. Or you can buy two small mattresses and put them together. Another way to do it if you are short on cash is to buy a regular one and rotate it around twice a year.

5/ Test it personally

How many people

Ordering online may save you time and effort, but that is just on the surface. If you like what they deliver to you, there’s nothing to worry about. If not, lots of things will come up. For example, the mattress is not what it seems in the picture, paying extra to have it returned, cannot exchange for a different one, etc. Hence, do research online but buy it in person.

Those were my tips and things you need to keep in mind when buying your mattress. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to put them right below. For more articles like these, please visit our website, which is right here. Thank you for reading with us.

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Tommy Bahama down alternative comforter review


Today’s review will be featured with a new product from Tommy Bahama. It’s the Tommy Bahama down alternative comforter.

Product detail


The new down comforter comes with 2 different dimensions. The queen: 88 inches wide x 98 inches long with 51 ounces of fill. And the king: 107 inches wide x 98 inches long with 61 ounces of fill. The comforter is featured with a striking damask pattern and is filled with hypoallergenic polyester to prevent any discomfort when using. It is covered with 100% cotton cover. Baffle box construction makes it harder for the fill inside to flat or slip away. The warm rating is medium, you can use it on summer in cold area or winter in the warm area. And last but not least, the blanket is machine washable.



The comforter is light weighted compared to other down fill blankets. It stays warm in the winter and comfortable in summer. A good year-round product for most of you.

As I’ve mentioned before, the alternative fill is really soft, warm, and well made. I personally think that it is even better than real down. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fluffy but also breathable down comforter.

And I must say the price is really good. With a reasonable price, you’ll receive a light but warm duvet. And the fill is terrific, very soft and fluffy.

Stay in shape very well, the baffle box construction is neat. I only need to wash it one time since I first bought it.

The best thing that I loved about alternative down is that they can be machine wash. Not like down fill, you don’t have to dry clean this so it’ll save you a ton of time.

You can avoid allergy by using this comforter. Normal down fill could cause allergy to certain people.



Since it’s made from real down, it makes sense that Tommy Bahama’s new down alternative isn’t as warm as other down fill comforters. So even at the same weight, a natural down fill will still warmer than alternative down.

Isn’t as soft and fluffy as my goose down comforter. Even though it is a great product for alternative down.

Only comes with oversized queen and king. There should be another selection like the twin size or normal queen and king. It could be too big for those who are looking for comforters for a single bed.