The role of clean water in big cities

With countries that are constantly developing economically and socially, the issues of people’s livelihood are gradually actively overcome and improved. But a problem is causing many shortcomings recently when summer comes; it is the pollution of water environment in the metro area. While the direction to address has not been articulated, this situation is causing difficulties for residents’ daily activities and affects the health of the population. There are many methods to filter the water, but the best method is to use reverse osmosis. If you want to learn about its pros and cons, then you can visit the following address to know more about what is reverse osmosis.

water pollution in cities

Water pollution in big cities

Most of the water sources are facing serious pollution. People are no strangers to the black water, stinky stench running along the boulevards of the city, the opposite image has existed for many years. Although municipal governments have made major investments with a range of solutions designed to improve pollution, improve drainage and drainage, water pollution. But only a few of the rivers have improved habitat. The remaining contamination is still severe.

Many households still use unprocessed water

In suburban districts and suburban districts, the outskirts of the city ensure clean water issues for the people, even more, when pipe networks can not cover 100% of households. The rest must use groundwater or buy water and small local water supply facilities, but the main source of water is still at high risk of contamination.

Using unprocessed water

There are many sources of water pollution

According to statistics, there are thousands of industrial and handicraft production establishments, most of them have no sewage system in many industries such as food, textile, dyeing, chemicals, wood processing. Also deliberately discharged directly into the water environment causing serious pollution.

Meanwhile, the waste from the daily activities of people increased, causing the level of pollution is getting worse, especially in canals, canals … A large amount of waste prevents the flow of water, causing pollution Water seriously. Moreover, underground water sources are also at high risk of being contaminated by garbage in a spontaneous landfill in the city.

The role of clean water

Role of clean water

The question is what is the need for clean water for human life? In the human body water accounts for 65-70% of weight, water is involved in the composition of cells, tissue.  It is a component of the blood to help blood circulate easily in the blood vessels, as a solvent to dissolve nutrients, oxygen, hormones, enzymes in the bloodstream and to transport organs to maintain Life, function, and development. At the same time, it collects CO2 to release lung and toxins from the liver and into the bile and urine.

Water also helps the body regulate body temperature because if human body temperature exceeds 42oC is fatal; Water makes the skin bright, cool in people who drink enough water about 2 – 3 liters of water/day depending on the season and condition. Water used in daily life for personal hygiene, home, food, clothes …

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