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What is a reverb pedal

reverb pedalIf you are a guitar player or a producer, you probably are used to working with all kind of musical devices. And one device must be on the list is the reverb pedal. Reverb is a very common sound effect that is used by most guitar players and producers. But many people still haven’t had a good understanding of it. This can lead to many problems in the future. In this post, I’m going to show you how reverbs work and what to do and don’t.

Technical explanation

TechnicalA reverberation, or reverb for short, is a sound effect that is created by sound reflecting off a surface. Depends on where the reverb is created, there are many types of reverb. Using a reverb pedal can give you the ability to recreate these sound effects and apply it to your music. For example, the hall reverb effect makes your music sound like you are playing in a hall, the church and room reverb also has similar effects. Depends on the environment, there are many different reverbs. Because of these benefits, people have started to use reverb pedal with their music.

How it works

The reverb pedal works like a transit station. It receives the sound signals from all sources (guitar, piano, or singing,…) and changes the sound signals so that when you hear them, they will have the reverb effects.

Reverb types

There are many types of reverb depend on their functions.

Hall reverb: Like mentioned before, this type of reverb recreate a concert hall environment. Your music will have a feeling of being played in a concert hall. Hall reverb is often warm and has depth.

Chamber: A chamber is usually smaller than a concert hall and the result is more clarity while still provide harmonic sound. Typical chamber reverb lasts from 0.4 to 1.2 second.

Room: Room reverbs often last from 0.2 to 1 second. The room reverb is varied base on its physical size and construction material.

Plate: The plate reverb implements a plate of metal vibration when being struck by a sound wave on the surface.

Spring: The spring reverb is a manmade device that produces and receive sound signals via a spring. This reverb is often used on a guitar amplifier. They are great for electric guitar and vocal.

And there are so much more but I can’t list them all here. But use can use multi-function reverb pedals to experience them all. One of those great devices is the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb. It has tons of different reverb effect for you to try.


We have provided you some of the basics of reverb pedal. Don’t hesitate when you see a reverb pedal that is good for you. You’ll be surprised by the benefits it brings.

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