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What to look for in a camping tent?

Camping is a fun thing to do for many people, especially those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For this type of activity, a tent is an essential part of the whole thing. However, choosing a suitable one might not be that easy at all with thousands of brands and models currently on the market. Therefore, we have put together 5 key factors in assessing whether a certain tent is the one for you or not. Let’s have a look at them.


Perfect tent

By livability, I mean that this tent must suit all or most of your needs, you must be able to live comfortably in it. Depend on each person, the needs can range from reading, sleeping, napping, hanging out to windproof, rainproof, sun-proof or even bug-proof. That is because in my opinion a good camping tent must be more than just a simple shelter.

Next is the height of the ceiling. The height of your tent should be higher than that of the tallest person in the group. This will allow them to stand up with ease and to avoid back or neck pain from lots of crouching.

Another factor is ventilation. Without it, you would want to get out immediately when the sun is right above your head and greenhouse effect is in full swing. Choose something with big doors, windows, and lots of mesh to reduce the heat.

Weather resistance

weather resistance

Of course you would listen to the weather forecast in advance before choosing the camping date. However, there is a small chance of them being wrong as well. It’s better to be well-prepared rather than let your camping trip go to waste because of bad weather. By weather resistance, we mean that you should choose a tent that can survive any weather. It should be stable under strong wind or there should not be any leak under raining condition. You definitely don’t want this to turn into something unforgettable … in a bad way.


Upon arriving at the campsite, you just want to set up your tent easily and start having fun. Nevertheless, not everything will go your way and you may have to get through the heavy traffic and arrive at the campsite late and hungry. If you can’t manage to set up the tent then, you might have to resort to sleeping in your car, which is not comfortable at all.



In other word, this is durability or how long can your tent last. Some manufactures use cheaper materials or cut down the amount of high-quality material in order to decrease the price. This will make no big difference if you just go camping once in a while or you have a good grip of the weather. However, if you are a hardcore camper and know thoroughly where you will be camping, you must take this into consideration.

Packing size

Some tent makers know that you would bring the tent to the campsite in your car so they won’t pay much attention to making it more compact. Imagine loading an 80-pound tent onto the car and then trying to unload it at the camping site. That is way too much work for any person who wants to relax on their days off. Therefore, you will need to look for something that you can bring along with ease so as to conserve your strength for having fun later.

That was our tips on how to buy your ideal tent. If you like this article then you will love the following article even more. It is about the best camping tents for sale currently on the market right now. We hope that you will find what you are looking for.

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